Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Still Have One...

Still have this this one set of 3 ornaments left! You want them just hit donate for $12.00 (or more) and they are yours!

We applied to our agency this week and were APPROVED!! We are now going through the big pile of policy documents that they sent us and are hoping to have them turned in sometime in the next week or so! I forgot how much paper is involved! My poor printer was going for about 20 min. straight last night and that was not even for the dossier guide!

I tell you even though this is our 3rd adoption, hearing your approved by your agency still makes my heart smile! We are going to for either gender up to 24 months. Our new agency does things a little differently, here once you go on the waiting list you get your number. You can be on a bunch of different lists at the same time. Example: #12 for infant boy and #33 for infant girl.....I think this will be kinda neat, before we never really knew. I can imagine with my personality though I will become obsessed with it very quickly!!!!!

The kids are all in a big discussion right now about boy or girl....and most of us have chosen sides, because this next little person will break the tie in our house!! So much pressure for someone who is probably not born yet!

We are still in the process of putting money together and getting everything lined up, Brian is great at helping me slow goes something like this.....

me: "Maybe we should....."

Brian: "No"

Good thing I love that man! He has also been working very hard to get all orders done in a timely manner! I have had to give him a bedtime or he will just keep going. Now I just start shutting off lights one by one until he gets the hint!

By the way we will be taking orders until Dec. 10. So only about 2 more weeks and then we will shut down until after Christmas and come back with some different things! Please consider placing an order, they make great teacher gifts, ornaments for your tree, or presents! And every order gets us a little closer to our goal! Africa w/ Love (our Etsy Store).

Thanks so much,

til next time

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