Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Funny Thing Happened at Breakfast Today

Today we decided to take the kids out for some Big Boy breakfast buffet. It's always an interesting experience taking our family out as we challenge the norm in almost every possible way. Today though turned out very inspiring.

As we were sitting eating our breakfast a very nice women approached our table and explained that she had been a high school teacher for 18 years. She said that she learned in that time that to make a 5 minute assessment on incoming students and that when she saw our family that instinct kicked in. Basically she came over to praise my oldest son (12) on how she saw him treating his 2 year old brother. How she saw someone that took the time to see to the needs of his brother before seeing to the needs of himself. Making sure Maximus had what he needed and was taken care of. How she would love to have someone like Griffen in her class and the learing that they could do together. She then noted how cute it was that Maximus tried and tried to use his fork to eat his sausage and then finally gave up when he just couldn't get it and used his fingers. But that she loved the way he tried first. Silly boy. For Griffen's part he handled the compliment with a grace much older than his age and Maximus continued to eat his sausage with his fingers. Yet another proud moment.

Honestly we get comments like that more often than not, but every time we do. It makes me proud. We don't always see the things our big kids do for their younger siblings, sometimes all we see or hear in the bickering that happens. But when someone takes the time to compliment your children it does make me sit up and take notice.

Sometimes I just take for granted how our "big" kids help our "little" ones or how the "big" ones will stick together in situations. I don't see that they help with coats and shoes or food. I just expect it. Really I should notice more, because how lucky are we? I hope they are creating a bond that will stick with them long after their dad and I are gone.

But today we were just a family eating breakfast, doing what we do. It's nice to see that it's working.

As an added bonus, someone, not sure who, gave our waitress a $20.00 bill to give us to put towards our breakfast. Wow. Thank you. I hope one day we have a chance to pay it forward.

'till next time


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  1. What an awesome way to start the day... I'm thinking that maybe you should spend more time at the Big Boy... lots of really nice people who recognize how awesome your kids are!