Saturday, November 20, 2010

So Much for Saturday

I will not fail....I am 20 days in and I plan to finish this NaBloPoMo crap out.

At this present moment I have company in the house. Men sitting on the couch watching grown men in spandex "fighting" each other. I really just think that it's an excuse for men to feel to each other up! I'm not judging, just saying.

The kitchen is cluttered up with left over Chinese food, bean dip and queso. I should be cleaning that up or enjoying my company but instead I am here.

The younger boys are downstairs vegging out in front of video games and the little girls are playing tag around the kitchen table. I should be doing some Mario or some tag your it, but instead I am here.

My forever friend Kelly, whom I never see and with who I conduct most of my friendship with via text is here. I should be visiting with her. But instead she is reading my blog on her Blackberry. And I am here.

I leave you with this one thought. How can they not be knocking on my door offering a t.v. show. You can't make this stuff up!

'til flipping tomorrow


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