Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday for Fundraising!

This family received their referral recently. And so they are doing this fundraiser for travel. I have to admit these dolls are CUTE!! Just a $5 donation gets you a drawing to win your choice.

Pick me, pick me....except, wait, I need like 123456....crap, 7 please.

I also have to admit I seem to be having a little (big) problem with other peoples fundraisers. They are all so cute that I keep buying and buying. :) Stop making such super freakin' aborable/cute/awesome/meaningful stuff please!

Really though, knowing the hard work that they have put into their efforts makes it worth it to pass up my daily Mocha. And WTH, how did that become a daily habit? I swear the strangest things happen when I am not looking!

'til next time


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