Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Boy

Max has a couple of new tricks. I am unimpressed with both of them. Though if pushed I will admit that I find one kind of hilarious.

Trick #1: Throwing food from highchair onto the floor.
Let me tell you this boy does this with deliberation, no ooops about it. Nope total premeditated food chucking. Cheerios go down one by one, by one, by one, you get the point, right? Whole plates of scrambled eggs go down, apple slices (plop, plop), graham cracker, spaghetti, chicken, rice, etc. Nothing is sacred. If you turn your back for even a second-it's gone. The best is when you catch him in the act, right while he is holding a piece of food over the edge, then he gives you his little devil smirk, and releases.
One of these days I will post a picture of what it looks like under his high chair when he is done eating. The mess is made worse because while Emersyn would NEVER throw food on the floor, she nicely hands it over to Max when she is done so he can do it.

Trick #2 NO!!
I think this one got it's roots with the highchair incidents. Because every time I catch him getting ready to chuck his food I yell "NO!" and shake my head. First Emersyn picked it up, and repeated it to Max about 20 times a day. No, No baby! Is a big one around here. But she is talking so much these days that didn't really phase me. Now Maximus does it. Looks you dead in the eye and shakes his head at you and yells "Na!"(baby for, NO!) over and over and over and over and over. Not really what I was hoping for for his first word but it is kind of amusing.

Now that I have managed to teach him some wonderfully inappropriate things maybe we can move on to some better things like, hair pulling (wait he does this already), biting (ooops, this too), scraping the stain off his crib with his teeth (already got that covered). Don't let that FABULOUS grin and AWESOME belly laugh fool you, this one is all BOY, snips and snail and puppy dog tails and all that.

'til next time


Monday, September 21, 2009

Very Awesome Room!

Projects, we love our projects, shall I rephrase that, we love to start projects, come up with ideas for new projects, plan our next project but finish a product? Not so much.

It usually starts something like this,

1. Pick a room to work on.
2. Think up grand ideas in my head about how the room will look when done, without telling anyone.
3. Tell someone, let's use husband for this example, that a new project needs to be started.
4. Get the look. Come on you know the one. Don't lie.
5. Launch into a detailed explanation about how this project is going to be much easier than the last one.
6. Explain that this project won't take nearly as long because we are going to do it DIFFERENT this time.
7. Lay out grandiose plan while persuading said husband that it really won't cost that much to repaint, redecorate, rip out walls, ect.
8. Take a giddy trip to the store to purchase all supplies, while telling husband that in the end the cost will be sooooo worth it!
9. Happily start new project, even make husband lunch to show how appreciative you are of his efforts, after all you are a good wife.
10. Run out of time, patience, money, desire to finish project.
11. Vow to never start another project that won't be finished
12. Start fantasizing about next project.

Apparently though there are some people out there that actually finish what they start. Surprising isn't it? The other day while going through my blog roll I found this post by Mary over at Filling the Quiver. What a fantastic room, so well thought out and accomplished. I am totally envious. And of course I am going to start a room just like it! Just as soon as I can talk the husband into it.

'til next time


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A New Event

Emersyn is training for a new event. Diaper Diving! We are pretty sure that you will be seeing this event in the next Olympics. She is really working hard at it. We are going for the GOLD! Pun intended.

'til next time


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Right Now

Right now I am sitting on the bed in my hotel room in Petoskey, MI. Out my window I have a perfect view of Lake Michigan? (I could look it up but, too lazy). Our next soccer game doesn't start for a while yet and it is quiet. I fluctuate back and forth between guilt and giddiness. Guilt because I know that my Brian is at home with 5 kids doing the weekend by himself (with some help thrown in from the grandpa's). But still I KNOW it's not easy. I KNOW that it's not always fun. I KNOW these things because it's what I do. I know that some days are great and fun, but others are just kind of like waking nightmares. I know that our life is something that other people look on and make comments about (jokes they call them.) I feel guilty because I am not with my baby who sometimes doesn't get enough of my attention. I feel guilty because I don't want Emersyn to think that I am not coming back. Basically I feel guilty because in my heart I don't think they can do it without me. Can anyone say control issues? In my head I know that they are fine, GREAT in fact. But it doesn't stop the guilt.
And then the giddy comes on. I realize that for the first time in FOREVER I am sitting and doing what I want to do. I am blogging with no interruptions, unless you count the teenagers but man they are funny! I can sit and read my book without hiding in the bathroom. If I want to sit down and have a drink with some friends I can because I don't have to get anyone to bed or help them get a snack, go get a drink, answer a bazillion questions or the countless other things that happen on a daily basis as a mother to 6. Right now I can just BE.
I remind myself to enjoy it. To count myself lucky that my husband is the kind of guy that can handle it. That he understands that I need it. That after this never ending summer when my calm has left the building and my stress level is sky-rocketing, I get this chance. I remind myself that feeling guilty defeats the purpose. And tomorrow when I go home to my husband and my kids maybe I can be a little bit more patient and little bit less frazzled. Maybe I can figure out how to fix the shoe storage problem, get down on the floor with my baby who is starting to walk, not ruin my whole day when the bus shows up 10 min early.
And remember that if life was ALWAYS easy, then sitting on the bed in this hotel room wouldn't seem so fantastic.

'til next time

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Moving Already...

So I moved the new blog over to blogger. Just didn't have the time or patience to get used to wordpress. So I will be here at A Couple Coupons, tell your friends!

'til next time


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Blog, Different Focus...

I have decided to take the plunge and start a new blog. Yes this one is still staying up, of course, and I am going to start focusing on blogging again about the family. The new one is going to be for our newest addiction. Coupon shopping!! Sounds silly I know but we are saving literally thousands of dollars and I thought this would be a great way to share what we have learned and also keep track of what we are spending to see the trends. With a larger than average family we have been really looking for way to cut our costs. Grocery shopping is by far one of our biggest expenses. Hence, coupon shopping and learning how to work the system.

So if you are interested in seeing how we are getting free toothpaste, shampoo, bodywash, food, etc. you can find me over at A Couple Coupons. Or if you just want to laugh at us secretly behind our backs that's fine too.

'til next time


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Maximus Turns One!!

*Grandpa T thought this was so funny! Can't imagine why?

My baby is ONE! What a big milestone for my little man and our family! We had a wonderful party for his big day and he had a great time being hugged and loved on by our friends and family. And because Max would rather spend his time beating up pillows than playing with toys, he got TONS of clothes, good job Max!

I must say this little boy has brought so much laughter to our lives. He is so silly. As long as he has someone that is willing to love on him and give him the attention that he KNOWS he deserves. Now if that boy thinks he is being ignored watch out because he is going to tell you ALL about it! But I just love that kid. With his big eyes, and big teeth and silly grin and great laugh. I wish I could bottle it. It is just the BEST.

I took Max in this week for his 1 year check up and he is weighing in at 23lbs and 12 oz. When the doctor told me that was only in the 75th percentile I looked at her like she was crazy. "Have you seen the size of this boy?" I said. She informed me that the reason that he looks so much bigger than he is is because he is only in the 10th percentile in height. Ummm, oh.... My kids have taken to calling him Shorty! LOL

On a different note, Max has given us lots of challenges, with some things I haven't had to deal with in the first 5 kids. First the never ending diaper rash. He came to us with a horrible rash. 41/2 months later it is MUCH MUCH MUCH better but never completely gone. He also gets yeast infections (also known as jock itch) that are awesome. So between the diaper rash and the yeast infections, oh and the fact that he still poops 3X a day and add Emersyn to the mix we go through a whole box of diapers in 10 days or so. Love it, not!
He also tends to break out in wonderful full body Eczema. So we have lots of Aquaphor here now. Didn't even know what Aquaphor was 2 years ago. And now we have discovered, for sure, that he is lactose intolerant. We tried putting him on whole milk for 2 days after he turned one and we then payed for it for a week, my poor baby. Runny nose, runny eyes, Darth Vader type breathing, never ending diaper changes. We switched him over to the fortified Soy milk and the difference is shocking. Everything (except the diaper rash) has cleared up. We were still giving him some yogurt and cheese, ok and maybe a little bit of ice cream. But the doctor took a look at his ears and said while they aren't infected they aren't really clear. So we are completely off of dairy now. No more pizza for Maximus. LOL Though the doctor did say we could pull of the cheese and add soy cheese for him. Doesn't that sound YUMMY!!

All in all the boy is doing great though and he has really rounded out our lives, I couldn't imagine not having him with us. I really know he is where he is meant to be.

Love you Maximus!!!

'til next time