Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We are back!! Florida was AWESOME!!! More on that later but without further ado.......

WE RAISED $1200!!!!

After all of our fees and shipping costs (for supplies)! That is AWESOME!! I want to say thank you to everyone who supported us one last time. I hope everyone enjoys their purchase and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Friday, December 10, 2010


Ethiopian colored #9

Today is it! The last day for custom orders!! We have had a blast with this but I will be happy to see the backside of not going to bed until 2 a.m.!

We have a few Africa ornaments that are ready to go, so I thought I would offer them to you, $10.00 each ($3.00 shipping, flat rate no matter how many you buy!)

The large Africa's are 3 1/2" tall and the smaller ones are 2 1/2" tall.

Just hit that donate button and make sure you tell me the number or the color that you want.

#1 "wood" SOLD!!

#2- "wood"

#3- set of 3 small blue and green

#4 -set of 3 sunset and sunshine SOLD!!!

#5 (set of 2) One large Green and blue and one small

#6 set of 3 small gold

#7 Green and Silver w/ red heart ($10 each)

#8 Pink and Black ($10 each)

You can still put in an order today on the Etsy store I will not be shutting it down until midnight!

Thank you everyone for all of your support.....my next and last post will be a GRAND TOTAL!

Please consider placing an order today!

'til next time


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

That's My Girl

Yesterday, at dance, Alainna's group picked names for a Secret Santa present. Everyone had to right down their name on a piece of paper and write a few small things that they like and a type of candy they would like to eat. Then they each picked a name out of the pile. $10 Limit.

A bit later Alainna's teacher come out of the room chuckling. Apparently my, diva in training, came to her teacher with her pen and paper and they had this conversation

Alainna: "How do you spell shoes?"

Teacher: "S-h-o-e-s"

Alainna: "How do you spell size?"

Teacher: "S-i-z-e, what's up?"

Alainna: "I'm putting shoes, I LIKE shoes!"

Yes, Alainna was kind enough to even include her shoe size! With that kind of consideration I am betting she gets shoes. Gotta love her.

'til next time


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pushy Much?

Our last day of orders will be December 10!! That will give us a few days to fill orders before we leave for Christmas.

Etsy Store for ornaments and Africa's.

The Ethiopian colored Africa's are only on the blog.......2 for $20.00 and $3.00 for shipping (total $23.00) (donate button on the right) and they are on their way to your house.

I know I will be happy and I am sure all my readers will be ECSTATIC, after the the 10th! When I stop trying to hock our wares every 5 sec. Just a couple more posts I swear. It really doesn't come naturally to me. I would never make it as a salesperson! I would be all, "Would you like to buy our product XXX? No, I'm sorry so sorry, I'll leave now." Yup, miserable failure.

But every sale is MUCH appreciated.

I think Brian is looking forward to the break and I know that I am looking forward to taking our WHOLE family on our first vacation! Of course it's all the kids talk about except Emersyn has taken to saying "No, Mickey Mouse, no." Let's hope that doesn't last but with her you never know....her emotions definitely run the whole girl spectrum!

Must go make packing lists now, so that I can avoid actually starting to pack!

'til next time

Monday, December 6, 2010


Alainna (7) tonight at dinner " I don't like it."

Alainna last night at dinner "I don't like it."

Alainna the night before last at dinner " I don't like it."

Alainna the night before that at dinner......gone in 60 seconds (we had McDonalds).

Tonight when she once again announced that she didn't like dinner I arranged my face in a shocked expression and said "NO WAY, really?"

Then she gave me the look, you know that look, the one that says I am 7 and super cute with my brand spanking new 2 front teeth and well you know, and I know, I am fabulous. And asked for cereal.

No Alainna you may not have cereal for dinner because this is how it starts. Let's say I give Alainna cereal, then the next thing you know Emersyn must have cereal, after that it Maximus, not to be outdone by Emersyn (with $4.00 a half gallon Vanilla Rice milk please). Then Ki has to have cereal too because all of a sudden he doesn't like dinner either. And the next thing you know we are, all 8 of us, having cereal for breakfast.

Wait, hmmmmmmm.......

Just kidding we can't all start having cereal for dinner.

Can we?

'til next time,


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dear McDonalds Corp.

Dear McDonald's Corporation,

First let me start by saying, I LOVE your fries! Yummy, crispy, heart clogging goodness. But, isn't there always a but, it think maybe you should put a little bit more effort into your employee selection. Yes, I understand that each individual Mc Donalds is owned separately. But at the end of the day. It's your name out there. Maybe your name doesn't stand for quality but your MENSA candidates are ruining even your fries image.

Now I know that we have "an above average" size family. So I fully expect that when I go through the drive thru I will have to "pull ahead and wait" for my 100 piece chicken Mc Nuggets. I don't even mind when you ask me every time if I would like a drink carrier for my 8 drinks. No thanks, I will just balance them on my dashboard as I drive home. And it only sort of gets to me when I have to PROVE to the 58 year old lady in her manager shirt that I didn't get my dipping sauce. I mean is your company really losing enough money that I have to get the stink eye when I ask for another ranch cup. I will gladly pay the $0.15, just give me a second to dig under the floor mats.

I feel like I should explain a bit. Mc Donalds is our only option, well there is that KFC but I draw the line at tearing my chicken off of the bone with my teeth. Oh unless it's Buffalo Wild Wings, but that's the exception not the rule. So unless I want to cook dinner every night (which I don't) or go all caveman on a chicken leg, I am stuck with good old Mc Donald's.

Here is where I get slightly cranky. When I am happily sitting in the drive-thru line waiting for my, large Mocha, whole milk please. I don't enjoy waiting 10 mins. for the ugly white Tahoe (w/ gold trim, good idea, I think not), to get their order, I mean you can only play so many games of solitaire on your phone before you realize that, hello, we aren't moving. When I look up I see, not 1 not 2 but 6 coffees being handed out 1 by 1 by 1. Followed by 2 fountain pops and then wait for it, yet another coffee. Bringing the grand total up to 9.

Here is what I know about this, the ugly ass Tahoe will be stopping every 5 minutes for a potty break! Finally it's my turn at the window, I have paid, I have waited and I want my Mocha. The rocket scientist opens the window and says "I'm sorry, your Mocha's not done, could you pull up please." Really, really? How hard it it? I mean you just passed out 7 flipping hot drinks to the pimp my ride ahead of me, you couldn't have squeezed me in?

Let me end this by saying that I don't get out of the house very often by myself so when I do, all I want is my Mocha, and I want it when I get to the window. Is it possible to maybe put a section in your application or maybe as an interview question to keep this from happening? It could even be multiple choice. Something along the lines of, If someone comes through the drive-thru and only orders one beverage do you:
a. give them their beverage
b. give them their beverage
c. make the choice to ask them to pull ahead
d. give them their beverage and throw in a ranch cup for good measure

I think this will help weed out the inferior and just plain worthless.

Just trying to help,


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wow Time Flies.....

Only 8 more days until we stop taking custom orders for Christmas! I swear I am not even sure where the month of November went!

I had someone ask me to make ornaments out of Ethiopia colors...I wasn't sure how they would turn out....but I think they turned out really great!!

These are not going on the Etsy store. Just use the donate button on the blog.

$20.00 for 2!!! w/ $3.00 shipping (WOW.....it's a deal! :)

These are the large ones at 3 1/2" tall and they look so pretty on my Christmas tree.

'til next time


Monday, November 29, 2010

Water Fun

This weekend we hit the pool for a little bit of family fun....I guess I only got pictures of some of the kids. The ones that we had to keep our eyes on at all times. The kids had a blast and Maximus got pink eye, of course.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Disney 2010 and Fundraising

Wow, I can't believe that we are leaving in only 18 days!!! Crazy! The kids are getting super excited and so I am! But oh, the packing!

We are taking a couple of days to get down there. With one night in Kentucky and one in Georgia before we roll into DISNEY WORLD!!! We are usually a drive straight through kind of family but with this being the babies first major trip we have decided to ease into it, to try and avoid some major meltdowns!

We have Mickey and Minnie backpack/harnesses for Maximus and Emersyn, we are going to attempt to pack using storage totes this time and see if we can get a better use of our space. (Thanks Duggars for that idea).

Any other suggestions for traveling with two 2 year olds and a bunch of other kids?

On that note only 12 days to place your orders!! December 10th will be the last day to order!! We want to make sure that we get everything shipped out to you before we leave so that you have your orders before the Holiday! Africa w/ Love (our etsy store)

We have been unbelievably blessed by all the orders we have received so far, I am actually sort of amazed! I just want to say thank you, I know it's hard to support everyone and especially at this time of year it can be overwhelming. You all are amazing and getting us closed every day to our #7!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


I can't believe it! All that work, all those posts on nothing, all comes down to one day where I just forgot. I wasn't out, or doing anything, I have no real life, I just plain FORGOT!

I feel like such a failure or as the Teenager would say.....Epic Fail Mom.

NaBloPoMo, you totally kicked my ass.


'til next time


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Bellies are full....babies are in bed.....and rest of us are going to watch Avatar the Last Airbender.... most of us will probably fall asleep.

Totally great day.....tomorrow shopping!

'til next time


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Still Have One...

Still have this this one set of 3 ornaments left! You want them just hit donate for $12.00 (or more) and they are yours!

We applied to our agency this week and were APPROVED!! We are now going through the big pile of policy documents that they sent us and are hoping to have them turned in sometime in the next week or so! I forgot how much paper is involved! My poor printer was going for about 20 min. straight last night and that was not even for the dossier guide!

I tell you even though this is our 3rd adoption, hearing your approved by your agency still makes my heart smile! We are going to for either gender up to 24 months. Our new agency does things a little differently, here once you go on the waiting list you get your number. You can be on a bunch of different lists at the same time. Example: #12 for infant boy and #33 for infant girl.....I think this will be kinda neat, before we never really knew. I can imagine with my personality though I will become obsessed with it very quickly!!!!!

The kids are all in a big discussion right now about boy or girl....and most of us have chosen sides, because this next little person will break the tie in our house!! So much pressure for someone who is probably not born yet!

We are still in the process of putting money together and getting everything lined up, Brian is great at helping me slow down.....it goes something like this.....

me: "Maybe we should....."

Brian: "No"

Good thing I love that man! He has also been working very hard to get all orders done in a timely manner! I have had to give him a bedtime or he will just keep going. Now I just start shutting off lights one by one until he gets the hint!

By the way we will be taking orders until Dec. 10. So only about 2 more weeks and then we will shut down until after Christmas and come back with some different things! Please consider placing an order, they make great teacher gifts, ornaments for your tree, or presents! And every order gets us a little closer to our goal! Africa w/ Love (our Etsy Store).

Thanks so much,

til next time

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another Quickie.....

One Set Gone!! One More Left!

Another quickie...(which I have come to realize isn't the best title but go with what works). Today I had a couple big ornaments to make and had LOTS leftover, guess that's what happens when Brian isn't here to reign me in! LOL

These are French Blue and Granny Smith Green with some Silver mixed in (just a touch was left!) Looks the like Earth from space. The picture is not doing them justice, I promise. For some reason my camera hates me today. Ok, most days. And blogger wouldn't upload my individual pictures just kept giving me an error message.

So I have 6!! of these, they stand @ 2 1/2" tall and have a clear bead on white string. The first two people that hit that donate button for $12.00 (or more), get a set of 3 mailed out to them tomorrow!

'til next time


*I will marked the post with a sold when both sets are gone*

Check out my 10 Random Things at the next post down!

10 Things About Me....

Lots of clicks coming in from all over right now so I thought it would be fun to put some random information out there! Of course I am all about random right now because I only HAVE like 7 more posts and I have made it through this November post everyday mess.

10. I was an only child until I was 16 years old, then I got identical twin brothers, what 16 year old wouldn't want that right?

9. My first car was a 1992 Geo Metro in Easter egg blue. We just donated it about 5 years ago and I am not ashamed to admit I cried a little.

8. I always knew I wanted to get married and have kids young. I thought I would have stopped with the kid thing well before know though.

7. The older I get the bigger my feet get, how is that even possible?

6. I never thought about adopting once while growing up. It honestly never occurred to me until my husband mentioned it! And then I was all like, more kids, bring it on!

5. I have absolutely ZERO desire to hold down a "real" job. Serious lack of work ethic around here. I have so much respect for those people that can do it all. I can't even do half of it without the day job. Let me state for the record though that I can and have held jobs when needed!

4. Emersyn (our Ethiopian daughter) was a huge surprise, seriously everything we bought was some variation of blue. Babies R Us super hated us after that call!

3. I secretly envy Alainna (7) doing competitive dance, and am most probably living vicariously through her dancing. Yup, I'm that mom.

2. If I had more courage I would move my whole family to Ethiopia.

1. All I really want is world peace, or my own reality t.v. show. Both of which are unlikely.

'til next time


Monday, November 22, 2010



Thank You!!

Most of the time when we are making ornaments to fill orders there is clay left over. We have been wasting it but yesterday I decided to remix it and see what I came up with. These 3 are it! Blue with a deep purple swirl and a little bit of silver glitter peeking through. It sort of reminds me of the night sky. I strung them on a black cord and added a silver bead. These 3 are smaller than the bigger version (they are 2 1/2" tall).

These are truly one of a kind. The first person that hits donate on the right hand side for $12 (or more) gets all 3! These would make a great teacher gift!

Below is a picture of each one individually.

'til next time

*I will post when these sell so there is no confusion!*

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Funny Thing Happened at Breakfast Today

Today we decided to take the kids out for some Big Boy breakfast buffet. It's always an interesting experience taking our family out as we challenge the norm in almost every possible way. Today though turned out very inspiring.

As we were sitting eating our breakfast a very nice women approached our table and explained that she had been a high school teacher for 18 years. She said that she learned in that time that to make a 5 minute assessment on incoming students and that when she saw our family that instinct kicked in. Basically she came over to praise my oldest son (12) on how she saw him treating his 2 year old brother. How she saw someone that took the time to see to the needs of his brother before seeing to the needs of himself. Making sure Maximus had what he needed and was taken care of. How she would love to have someone like Griffen in her class and the learing that they could do together. She then noted how cute it was that Maximus tried and tried to use his fork to eat his sausage and then finally gave up when he just couldn't get it and used his fingers. But that she loved the way he tried first. Silly boy. For Griffen's part he handled the compliment with a grace much older than his age and Maximus continued to eat his sausage with his fingers. Yet another proud moment.

Honestly we get comments like that more often than not, but every time we do. It makes me proud. We don't always see the things our big kids do for their younger siblings, sometimes all we see or hear in the bickering that happens. But when someone takes the time to compliment your children it does make me sit up and take notice.

Sometimes I just take for granted how our "big" kids help our "little" ones or how the "big" ones will stick together in situations. I don't see that they help with coats and shoes or food. I just expect it. Really I should notice more, because how lucky are we? I hope they are creating a bond that will stick with them long after their dad and I are gone.

But today we were just a family eating breakfast, doing what we do. It's nice to see that it's working.

As an added bonus, someone, not sure who, gave our waitress a $20.00 bill to give us to put towards our breakfast. Wow. Thank you. I hope one day we have a chance to pay it forward.

'till next time


Saturday, November 20, 2010

So Much for Saturday

I will not fail....I am 20 days in and I plan to finish this NaBloPoMo crap out.

At this present moment I have company in the house. Men sitting on the couch watching grown men in spandex "fighting" each other. I really just think that it's an excuse for men to feel to each other up! I'm not judging, just saying.

The kitchen is cluttered up with left over Chinese food, bean dip and queso. I should be cleaning that up or enjoying my company but instead I am here.

The younger boys are downstairs vegging out in front of video games and the little girls are playing tag around the kitchen table. I should be doing some Mario or some tag your it, but instead I am here.

My forever friend Kelly, whom I never see and with who I conduct most of my friendship with via text is here. I should be visiting with her. But instead she is reading my blog on her Blackberry. And I am here.

I leave you with this one thought. How can they not be knocking on my door offering a t.v. show. You can't make this stuff up!

'til flipping tomorrow


Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday for Fundraising!

This family received their referral recently. And so they are doing this fundraiser for travel. I have to admit these dolls are CUTE!! Just a $5 donation gets you a drawing to win your choice.

Pick me, pick me....except, wait, I need like 123456....crap, 7 please.

I also have to admit I seem to be having a little (big) problem with other peoples fundraisers. They are all so cute that I keep buying and buying. :) Stop making such super freakin' aborable/cute/awesome/meaningful stuff please!

Really though, knowing the hard work that they have put into their efforts makes it worth it to pass up my daily Mocha. And WTH, how did that become a daily habit? I swear the strangest things happen when I am not looking!

'til next time


Africa w/ Love (our etsy store)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quiet Around Here

The little ones are all in bed, the big ones are with their dad catching the midnight showing of the new Harry Potter!

I am enjoying a rare quiet time in my house and catching up on my DVR shows, then I am going to go cozy up in my bed with the books that I picked up from the library today!

What I am reading right now:

Jen Lancaster Books, written as memoirs, so very funny and heartwarming at the same time!

She also has a blog Jennsylvania. Which is totally worth a look.

If I wasn't so boring I would absolutely write memoirs. Hell if I wasn't so boring, I would have my T.V. show by now! (hint, hint any talent scouts out there?)

'til next time


*By the way I am totally kicking NaBloPoMo's ass!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

There is Nothing Better

than snagging your big sister's after school peanut butter and banana sandwich when she's not looking. Thanks sis!

Also I see that I am getting lots of traffic linking in from other sites.

Welcome! I hope you see something that you like! We are hoping to get everything rolling w/ our new addition by March 2011 so every small step is a step in the right direction and we can't do it without you! Please feel free to share with EVERYONE!! :)

'til next time

Africa w/ Love (our Etsy store)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Got Nothing..

Because I am sitting on the couch with a Diet Pepsi and a bowl of microwave popcorn watching The Biggest Loser.

Because Brian is playing with his new Ipad. That he bought with his saved up weekly spending money! How does he do that?

Good job honey!

Now he has to start saving that money for our new little person! He will probably out save me!

Because of those things, I leave you with gratuitous pictures of our puppy, Leo. Ain't he precious?

'til next time


Monday, November 15, 2010

And the Winner is......

Congratulations Emily!!! And thanks Alainna for being my little name pulling model!

Emily let me know your choice, any handmade creation or 2 of our large Africa ornaments!

'til next time