Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another Quickie.....

One Set Gone!! One More Left!

Another quickie...(which I have come to realize isn't the best title but go with what works). Today I had a couple big ornaments to make and had LOTS leftover, guess that's what happens when Brian isn't here to reign me in! LOL

These are French Blue and Granny Smith Green with some Silver mixed in (just a touch was left!) Looks the like Earth from space. The picture is not doing them justice, I promise. For some reason my camera hates me today. Ok, most days. And blogger wouldn't upload my individual pictures just kept giving me an error message.

So I have 6!! of these, they stand @ 2 1/2" tall and have a clear bead on white string. The first two people that hit that donate button for $12.00 (or more), get a set of 3 mailed out to them tomorrow!

'til next time


*I will marked the post with a sold when both sets are gone*

Check out my 10 Random Things at the next post down!

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