Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Random Push...


Today is Wednesday and because it's Wednesday I am going to remind you that it's time to start thinking about or doing your Holiday shopping! And what better way to do so then to head on over to our Etsy shop and kill 2 birds with one stone! You can help us to raise our funds for our #7 and shop for your loved ones. We are starting to add in some Winter/Holiday goodies and we would like nothing better than to ship some to you!

Brian has been getting pretty creative and I am amazed just watching the things that he creates. If I got my hands on it I would probably find a way to turn everything into MUD!

He is working pretty hard on things right now because his mom and aunt are taking some of his creations to a craft show. I am hoping good things happen there! Or I might have to buy everthing myself and that sort of defeats the purpose.

So because it's Wednesday shop, share, smile! Africa w/ Love

ooops....if you have not heard from me and you put in an order some of my emails disappeared, go ahead and contact me again, I promise I am not ignoring you!

'til next time


3 down 27 more to go!

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  1. Thank so much for the sweet comment. Your Etsy shop is way cute! Good luck on #7!