Monday, November 8, 2010


Here are the pictures of the newest girl figurine. Isn't she sassy with her fancy up-do? She might be my new favorite. All figurines are $25.00 w/ $3.00 shipping (if you order more than 1 add a $1.00 for each extra).

And don't tell Brian 'cuz he didn't want me to share yet but.....we will be coming out with a Caucasian girl and a Caucasian boy sometime this week! We are going to be trying our hand at Guatemalan and Chinese soon too.

Now onto the give-away! I am so excited I have seriously always wanted to do this! I know I am a dork, I'm ok with it though.

So here is the deal all you to do to be entered into my giveaway is share about this blog giveaway on your blog, on FACEbook or on twitter, or place an order (preferably all 4!) and then leave me a comment and tell me where you posted it, or if you ordered. You will get 1 entry for every different place you post about the giveaway! Just that easy. You could have up to 4 entries! For my readers from FACEbook, that don't have a Google account and refuse to get one, if you leave a comment under my blog on FACEbook I will count that as your comment on the blog. You still have to tell me where you posted about the giveaway to get your entries.

The winner will get their choice of figurine (including Holiday ones), or 2 large Africa ornaments (you pick the colors). Everything can be found @ our Etsy Store. Every place you post helps us get one step closer to our goal of Baby #7. And gets people thinking too, even the smallest little things can help if enough people are aware.
We are going to run this give-away from today (November 8, 2010) through Sunday night November 14th. We will announce the winner on Monday November 15th, right here on this blog!!

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