Wednesday, December 8, 2010

That's My Girl

Yesterday, at dance, Alainna's group picked names for a Secret Santa present. Everyone had to right down their name on a piece of paper and write a few small things that they like and a type of candy they would like to eat. Then they each picked a name out of the pile. $10 Limit.

A bit later Alainna's teacher come out of the room chuckling. Apparently my, diva in training, came to her teacher with her pen and paper and they had this conversation

Alainna: "How do you spell shoes?"

Teacher: "S-h-o-e-s"

Alainna: "How do you spell size?"

Teacher: "S-i-z-e, what's up?"

Alainna: "I'm putting shoes, I LIKE shoes!"

Yes, Alainna was kind enough to even include her shoe size! With that kind of consideration I am betting she gets shoes. Gotta love her.

'til next time


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