Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wow Time Flies.....

Only 8 more days until we stop taking custom orders for Christmas! I swear I am not even sure where the month of November went!

I had someone ask me to make ornaments out of Ethiopia colors...I wasn't sure how they would turn out....but I think they turned out really great!!

These are not going on the Etsy store. Just use the donate button on the blog.

$20.00 for 2!!! w/ $3.00 shipping ('s a deal! :)

These are the large ones at 3 1/2" tall and they look so pretty on my Christmas tree.

'til next time



  1. So pretty, Jillienne! I want a Chanukah one! ;)

  2. They really are nice...Can you ship just one for $10 + $3 shipping? I'm not sure what I'd do with the second.

  3. Lisa,

    It would be $23 total. $20 for the ornaments and $3.00 for the shipping! :)