Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pushy Much?

Our last day of orders will be December 10!! That will give us a few days to fill orders before we leave for Christmas.

Etsy Store for ornaments and Africa's.

The Ethiopian colored Africa's are only on the blog.......2 for $20.00 and $3.00 for shipping (total $23.00) (donate button on the right) and they are on their way to your house.

I know I will be happy and I am sure all my readers will be ECSTATIC, after the the 10th! When I stop trying to hock our wares every 5 sec. Just a couple more posts I swear. It really doesn't come naturally to me. I would never make it as a salesperson! I would be all, "Would you like to buy our product XXX? No, I'm sorry so sorry, I'll leave now." Yup, miserable failure.

But every sale is MUCH appreciated.

I think Brian is looking forward to the break and I know that I am looking forward to taking our WHOLE family on our first vacation! Of course it's all the kids talk about except Emersyn has taken to saying "No, Mickey Mouse, no." Let's hope that doesn't last but with her you never know....her emotions definitely run the whole girl spectrum!

Must go make packing lists now, so that I can avoid actually starting to pack!

'til next time

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