Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Crazy Day...

Dropped half a box of Cheerio's on the kitchen floor

Max (aka Stretch Armstrong) dumped my coffee all over the rug and the carpet in the dining room

Brian got a ticket for get this Impeeding Traffic? Seriously?

Had to skip Brenna's volleyball game because Brian had to work late putting up Christmas lights.
Ummm.....5 kids and me in the bleachers, two of whom are 1. Nope.

Missed Alainna's Thanksgiving Feast because
1. I have it on the calander for tomorrow
2. Miss Alainna did not give me the paper she had with a reminder on it

Had Alainna in tears because I missed her Feast even though she was happy as a clam when she walked in. Ooops shouldn't have mentioned that I meant to be there.

I am done with today! I made it through, with NO freaking MT. DEW!!! but now I am done! I am not sure if all these kinds of things happen on a day to day basis ALL the time and I am just noticing because I can't stress eat it away or if this was just a rare over the topper. Whatever the case, DONE!

'til tomorrow


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  1. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Ladybird