Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Favorite New (Old) Invention

******Breaking News******* We have two one year olds!!! At least for another month or so. And something that we have found with having both of them at home is that we have to find more ways to keep them contained, ooops I mean safe.

We purchased the Super Cage, I mean Super Cage and gates that stay at the top of the stairs and gates for the bottom of other stairs, latches and lock, oh my. But in a time of desperation I went out and bought the handy dandy $10.99 wooden gate.

I LOVE these gates!!!!! So many uses, who knew? You can put these things anywhere and they can GO anywhere!! They can go to Grandma's, they can keep babies in the playroom, they can keep babies out of the playroom. They can keep babies out of the den and they can do laundry, ok I am just kidding about that last part. But they seriously have been a little portable life saver.

Being portable is the key. Sometimes it isn't convenient to have a gate that is stationary. I mean yes, they are great for the stairs or places that you NEED a gate at all times. But there are times that you need a gate in a bedroom door for a minute or over at Grandma's house and they are there for you, no questions asked!

These little wood and plastic miracles are something I never knew we needed. Thank you little wooden gates, I LOVE YOU!!

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