Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Have Nothing.....

*I'm just putting this in 'cuz I think it's cute and I know it will annoy him* That's the kind of mood I'm in.*

I'm sorry, I have been pretty much worthless all day. I have no thoughts, ideas, or anything that I can even pretend is interesting to say. I am only posting this because of the whole November blog everyday thing.

As I have looked back over the last few days, I realize the quality of my posts have GREATLY deteriorated. But I have something good in the works for tomorrow.......something that scares me to pieces......stay tuned!

'til next time



  1. asleep with the remote in his hand? classic!

  2. Looking forward to tomorrow, not because it scares you, but because I'm curious and I love it when people face their fears...something I am working on myself :)