Thursday, November 12, 2009

Random Thoughts

Let me share something with you. We are T.V. people. There I said it. We have a 2 flat screens, one in my bedroom and one in the family room, Brenna, Kieran and Alainna have t.v.'s in their rooms (Ki and Alainna share). Griffen used to have a t.v. in his room but it now lives in the rec. room of the basement, but he still has mostly full control of it.

We recently switched from Charter to U-verse and I pretty much live off of my DVR. Really I do, it's sort of sad. While I have imposed some pretty good limits on T.V. watching a lot of our evenings are planned around what we watch.

The rules are no video games on weekdays, and no T.V. until 1 hour before bedtime on weekdays, on weekends the rules are much more lax. This works out pretty well for us, but some days I find myself parked on my butt sitting in front of the t.v. instead of accomplishing anything.

I find myself thinking about what I am going to watch next or in what order. A lot of our evening conversations revolve around t.v. shows and you can find us sitting on the couch vegging out to some GLEE or SYTYCD or Grey's or Private Practice or I guess you probably get my point.

We also pay close to $200.00 per month for the U-verse. This is for the service and for high-speed internet. And we don't even have a premium package! We also have Net*flix for our movie pleasure and maybe we even run to the Red*box every once in a while.

Sometimes I dream of just turning it ALL off. Ok, ok, I am not saying like take our t.v.'s and throw them away. Brian would probably divorce me if I tried to get rid of his "baby"(flat screen). And I like movies WAY too much.

But when I think about it this way, I am paying some company almost $200.00 a month to help me sit my ass on the couch and entertain me. Instead of just entertaining myself, hanging out with the kids, cooking more, playing games, dancing to the ipod, well we do the last one so much it's almost embarrassing but you get the idea.

Also we are American's! And Americans! have cable and watch t.v. and really who wants to go against the status quo? We do that a lot already and do I really want another raised eyebrow? And who is this person thinking these thoughts? 'Cuz I hardly recognize her! Paging Jillienne, paging Jillienne, could you please get back in line!

Is bonding over television really bonding? Can I break the addiction? Do I really want too? What are your thoughts?

'til next time


  1. Hey Jillienne
    TV is a rarity around camp Chaney. We have it. We watch movies (and episodes of Bear in the Big Blue House) and that is about it. Love Netflix.
    But honestly, I have discovered when you turn the thing off...I mean really begin this remarkable business I feel so much more rested after reading a book, painting, weaving, coloring with the kids, etc. Its like, tv and computer time gives the illusion of "rest" but really - when I turn them off...I rarely feel rested. Anyway...thats just us.

    I never soap box about it. And certainly no judgements for folks who do it differently. But I can tell you it is very liberating to turn the tv OFF. :0)

    from the peanut gallery, only

  2. I know your pain. I probably wouldn't watch TV at all without the DVR. But with it, I can watch plenty. :) Seriously though, my problem is the computer! Seems like either DH or I is in front of it FAR to often.

    I dream of pulling the plug on both, but haven't gotten up the guts yet. I should start with just a no TV or computer week. But even that woudl be really hard.

    Sad huh??