Friday, November 20, 2009

The Picture Plan..........

Here it is. Starting Monday (look below)! My Aunt and I did this about 2 years ago and it really worked! Fear is a powerful motivator. But without that motivation I really suck. So I am going back to it. I wrote it up this time and there are 3 of us doing it so far. And I put in scary new part (highlighted in red below). I am a determined!

Also, someone (Harmony) told me that maybe if I blogged about it I would stick to it better. I don't know about that but let's throw in some more fun.

On Monday a countdown will go up.

For the number of days that I have to reach my goal.

And on that final day I will post a picture!!

If I met that goal it will be a current picture, if not I will post one of me from the start of this Picture Plan.

This is gonna be really good or really bad.

The Picture Plan

Start date: November 23, 2009

Picture date: November 27, 2009 (last day to turn in)

End date: May 14, 2010

The goal is to lose 50lbs by May 14, 2010. I am calling this the Picture Plan because, of course, the pictures that are involved. The motivation behind this Plan is the pictures. Everyone MUST take and develop 5 pictures of themselves at the beginning of the Plan, in either a 2 piece bathing suit or modest underwear. Included with the pictures will be 5 addresses and 5 copies of a letter to be mailed to the 5 addresses. The letter will simply state that, said person, is receiving the letter and picture because of your failure to stick to the Plan. Exact wording is up to you. The addresses provided must go to people that you would NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER want to see these pictures. Which means you can’t send them to great friends or family members that you are close too. We are talking ex-boyfriends, the super skinny bitches that we all know, etc., understand?


The Plan is simple, to lose 50 pounds in the following six months. How you go about it is up to you, how you eat or chose to exercise or not is TOTALLY under your control. As long as it’s healthy, and if what you are doing works really well, YOU SHARE!

There will be a weigh in on Monday November 23, 2009 to find starting points and then every, or every other Friday after. Weigh-ins change to Fridays because there are 5 extra days factored into the end of the Plan and so will end on a Friday. You know for those pesky weekend screw-ups. All weights will be recorded so that we can see how awesome you are doing. Also because knowing each other’s weight will be help to put you on even ground. NO FUDGING! Also remember the goal is to lose 50lbs. not to hit a certain weight.

If you DO NOT lose your 50lbs by May 14, 2010 then, and here comes the motivation, your 5 pictures accompanied by your 5 letters will be mailed out to the addresses you provided. Remember ex-boyfriends, skinny bitches……got it. Really the sheer terror of these letters and pictures getting stamped and sent should give you all the motivation that you need to get going!

Ooops, did I mention that the letters and pictures are to be held by a 3rd party? That’s correct. After you take your picture and write your letter and get your addresses, the whole bundle goes into a sealed envelope and handed over to the other person that is doing the Picture Plan with you. And then that person will give it to a husband, parent, etc. that they can trust to mail out the letters if necessary. This person will NEVER open the bundle and NEVER look at what’s inside, the sole function of this person is to mail out the letters, because you know the other people doing the Picture Plan would never REALLY do it, even though they say they would. Terrified yet? Good!


1. +/- category, there will be a 5 pound lee-way. So, if let’s say you only hit 45lb. your pictures will NOT be mailed out.

2. After 12 weeks there will be a step back to look at the BIG PICTURE, to make sure everyone is on track and to adjust as agreed upon by all parties participating.

3. Be VERY sure you want to do this once the pictures are exchanged there is NO GOING BACK!! No changing your mind and no quitting. You are in it for the long haul.

4. And the biggie, obviously you can choose to keep going if you have more weight to lose but if you choose to be done, here is the last and forever clause:

If you gain back 15lb you will get 3 months to take it off or your pictures go out!!! PERIOD! I know that this seems harsh, but I did this 2 years ago and lost my 50lbs, I have since put that back on plus. I am not going to do that again and I am not letting anyone else either!


sign here that you saw and read number 4 and that you understand!

Good Luck Ladies!

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  1. First of all...I got a mention in your blog and that was very exciting. Second, and most important...I LOVE this!!! I have never heard of this idea and I think it is genius!! I am so proud of you and want to see updates so I can offer my support. I am thinking of a few things I REALLY need to work on and will have to post them because you have inspired me!!!
    xoxo Harmony