Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Snapshot

Sunday Snapshot
I am going to participate in Sunday Snapshot this week!  It's my first time.I have been stalking Stephanie's blog Ni Hao Ya'll for quite a while now,

Ummmm,  hi, my name is Jillienne, I'm a blog stalker.

 OMG  I feel so much better now!

Seriously though, if you have a chance (all 8 of you) take a minute and check out her blog, she takes amazing pictures, has amazing amounts of energy, a really gives back in big ways!  Plus, she totally has more kids than I do, which is cool.

On to the snapshots!!!

My babies from Christmas 2 years ago!!!  Why, why, why must they grow up so fast?  Look at those little chubby babies, now Emmy is going to be 4 (next week), Max is a wild and crazy 3 year old, much different than the wild and crazy one year old he was in these pictures.  My Bren is almost a driver, Griff is 13!!! And Ki and Lainie, so sweet.

Merry Christmas!

'til next,


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