Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I always knew bingo daubers were fun, I mean, hello, I play bingo!  

Yes, I am only 34 and I play bingo, shut up.  I can still hear you.

Occasionally I get the daubers (bingo language for the markers that "daub" the spots, shut up) out for the the kids to mess with,  you can get some fun printables at Making Learning Fun.

Today, my almost four year old genius, Emmy found my magnetic bingo chips (shut up) and started using them to fill in the space on her Christmas tree!  Genius!  

Never thought of that myself,  honestly I probably wouldn't think of showering if the smell didn't start to bother me.

The amazing thing about using the magnetic chips is after you make a huge disaster you can wave the magnetic wand over them for easy clean up!  (shut up)

'til next time

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