Thursday, December 22, 2011

Not So Much Running Going On....

At least not for me, Bri on the other hand is up to 5 miles (on the tread) @ an 8:06 min mile.  We still hate him.

Remember last week when I was oh so excited about getting over 2 miles in 32 minutes?

Then this,  don't mind the crazy kid in the foot picture, who wouldn't want to be in my foot picture, right? Left ankle relatively normal  and right ankle a puffed up mess.  It didn't so much hurt as ached for a few days, and I did notice that I was favoring it a bit.

Holy crap my feet are ugly!  Must lotion, must paint toe nails!

 I have been taking it easy for the last week and its seems to be pretty good.  My pride though continues to take a beating while Brian does crap like accomplish 8 minute miles (refresher-16 minutes is good for me).  

I think that I am ready to get going now, we have had to split up our times so Brian will be doing the morning workouts and I will be do the later evening ones.  Tonight I am going to test out this ankle by seeing how fast I can do a mile.  I am hoping that it can be better than 16 minutes.  Seriously, my pride needs this.

'til next time,


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