Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Recitals and Birthdays!

Sorry to be away so long, end of the school year, birthdays, soccer ending, soccer try-outs, recitals, you get the drift!
Here are some random shots from Alainna's 6th birthday and her recital. She had so much fun at the recital, she just loves to perform! So much so that for her birthday Brian and my dad built her a stage down in the basement. She was so super excited. She even has Griffen (11) "lifting" her. Definitley a Diva in the making!

Alainna's Birthday Dinner @ Logan's

Dancin' on her new stage

'til next time


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  1. Seriously?? How cool is a stage in your basement!!! I detect a family band coming :) Look out Jonas Brothers here come.....(insert band name here)