Friday, June 5, 2009

Max Attack

This kid continues to amaze me everyday.  You would never know that he was, less than 2 months ago, in Ethiopia, in a care center who while wonderful their job was to feed and cloth my boy not make sure he was "developmentally on target".

To be totally honest I have never been a big follower of the "charts" you know those things that say what a child should be able to do at this age or how big you should be at that age or how smart your kid is.  While I will agree that they do have some merit, as a sort of gauge, I think that they should be taken with a big grain of salt.  Feel free to flame me here because I have done no research on the subject itself it's just the way I feel.  

That said, Mister Man is doing awesome!  For a little boy who could barely sit when we first brought him home.  You know what I mean right?  When placed in a seated position he would stay for a few seconds before he tumbled right over.  He has gone from that to sitting solidly in less than 2 weeks being home.  He also did the army crawl when we first home.  Then he learned to get into a sitting position by sliding through center splits (little gymnast).  Now he can crawl on his hands and knees and he can get into a sitting position like most babies do too.  He has started pulling himself up on things.  People, boxes, furniture etc.  This is something that Miss E never did.   Since learning that trick he has also learned to fall onto his bottom.  In the beginning he would just timber over like a felled tree.  

For the most part he is a very happy little man, as long as you are paying attention to him.  Oh and is he loud.  Loud, loud, loud!!!  He jibber jabbers all of the time.  Funny though, his cry is very quiet unless he is very mad.  He is a loud eater in his highchair too, you must go very fast or he gets very mad!  He is still  an expert hair-puller, this is something that I would really like to put a stop to but I just can't seem to find a way.  I am pretty sure that he thinks he is loving on you but man does it hurt and he has such grubby little sweaty boy hands that he is making my hair all greasy! 

My last piece of news!  Mister Man has gone and got himself a tooth!!  Yeah!  9 months old that's 2 whole months before Miss E popped one out!  You go boy!

That's all for now!

'til next time 


  1. He is very cute! Looking forward to seeing him?
    -Grandmama Meicher