Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Following Blogs.........

Confession....I follow a lot of blogs!  I know, I know big surprise isn't it!  I have blogs on here and about a million more on Bloglines.  So if you don't see your blog on my side bar please don't be offended, you are most definitely being followed, I am a little freaky that way!  But if I had all the blogs I followed down my side bar this blog would never end.  If you would like to request that I add your blog so it's visible for all the world to see just let me know and I can, 'cuz I am like, super popular and I know that everyone wants to be on my sidebar, not!

Seriously though, how many blogs do you all follow?  How many is too many?  And do you all comment on every blog you read or do you mostly lurk?  Inquiring minds want to know!

'til next time


  1. I follow tons of blogs. I used to be much better about commenting but life seems to be getting in the way right now. It makes me sad not to have the energy to comment as much though. Oh well...

  2. I follow way to many as well. I think I have commented on everyone at least once, but I'm not sure. Comments come few and far between.

  3. I follow WAY TOO MANY. You probably don't know me.... I'm a stalker of your blog too. :-( I feel like I should be in some sort of meeting for this.

    Hi, my name is Jodes, and I'm a blog stalker.
    Seriously, i just counted ~ 48 blogs. I'm embarrassed to admit that. Yet now that i have, its freeing. LOL!!!

  4. I follow way to many aswell. I dont comment as often as I should. Thanks for having me allready on your bloglist...I feel so loved..lol..

  5. According to bloglines, I follow 151 blogs. But not everyone is overly active (and there used to be a lot more! :-)

    And I am terribly upset that you didn't place me on your blogroll. I thought we were friends and all...Hm...:-)

  6. Im offended too! Im not on your list! Guess I will have to kick you off my private blog. Just kidding, I take no offense...really

  7. Hey, all I care about is if you're still with me! I'm still with you...your kiddos are sooooo cute!!