Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We interrupt this blog do to the FLU!!!

4 of the kids have the flu, we thought Max did also, but now I am thinking not so much. The teenager is good and everybody else is a mess. Luckily I am ok and so is Brian, except for the finger that he squashed and is now a big red puffy sausage. My whole house smells like Lysol. I have gone through 2 bottles of liquid Motrin, and 2 bottles of Infant Tylenol. And am thinking I might need more. Our counter looks like a pharmacy. I am tired and cranky and praying hourly that I don't get it too. It goes away for a day and then it comes back, it's sneaky and I HATE it!!!

Brian and I came home, after our first long weekend away in three years, to find this starting in our house. My bags are still packed and the laundry is out of control. The dishwasher doesn't want to break apart the washer tabs and the house looks like it threw up (but at least it's only the house throwing up!) I called the doctor because the media says I have to and she said STAY HOME!!!!!

If this doesn't end soon I am seriously contemplating becoming that parent that sends their kids to school sick. If I didn't HATE that parent so much I probably would have already. Seriously though, if it doesn't end soon I am going to have to figure out how to have caffeine pumped directly into this house, because that is all that is keeping me going right now! Do they make caffeinated air?

'til next time
(pictures of the poor little creatures when I can remember where I put the camera after using it)


  1. ick. so sorry. hope you don't get struck with it.

  2. Oh girl. Now is when you wish that "Mary Poppins" type lady would show up and magically clean your house, pour you coffee, and heal everyone with just a "spoon full of sugar" or some nonsense.

    Hang in there!!!!


  3. I hope everyone is feeling better now.
    ~ Heather