Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Boy

Max has a couple of new tricks. I am unimpressed with both of them. Though if pushed I will admit that I find one kind of hilarious.

Trick #1: Throwing food from highchair onto the floor.
Let me tell you this boy does this with deliberation, no ooops about it. Nope total premeditated food chucking. Cheerios go down one by one, by one, by one, you get the point, right? Whole plates of scrambled eggs go down, apple slices (plop, plop), graham cracker, spaghetti, chicken, rice, etc. Nothing is sacred. If you turn your back for even a second-it's gone. The best is when you catch him in the act, right while he is holding a piece of food over the edge, then he gives you his little devil smirk, and releases.
One of these days I will post a picture of what it looks like under his high chair when he is done eating. The mess is made worse because while Emersyn would NEVER throw food on the floor, she nicely hands it over to Max when she is done so he can do it.

Trick #2 NO!!
I think this one got it's roots with the highchair incidents. Because every time I catch him getting ready to chuck his food I yell "NO!" and shake my head. First Emersyn picked it up, and repeated it to Max about 20 times a day. No, No baby! Is a big one around here. But she is talking so much these days that didn't really phase me. Now Maximus does it. Looks you dead in the eye and shakes his head at you and yells "Na!"(baby for, NO!) over and over and over and over and over. Not really what I was hoping for for his first word but it is kind of amusing.

Now that I have managed to teach him some wonderfully inappropriate things maybe we can move on to some better things like, hair pulling (wait he does this already), biting (ooops, this too), scraping the stain off his crib with his teeth (already got that covered). Don't let that FABULOUS grin and AWESOME belly laugh fool you, this one is all BOY, snips and snail and puppy dog tails and all that.

'til next time



  1. he is so cute that even those less than desirable tricks sound cute. i agree with the above comment. they are SO helpful with the messes...but only add to the chaos. ;)

  2. Wish we could get my little ones and your two little ones together...seriously. We could have food throwing contests. I have a feeling that our little tykes could create quite the "imp-squad".


  3. oh, how could you be mad at that little bundle of fun with all his new 'tricks'