Monday, September 21, 2009

Very Awesome Room!

Projects, we love our projects, shall I rephrase that, we love to start projects, come up with ideas for new projects, plan our next project but finish a product? Not so much.

It usually starts something like this,

1. Pick a room to work on.
2. Think up grand ideas in my head about how the room will look when done, without telling anyone.
3. Tell someone, let's use husband for this example, that a new project needs to be started.
4. Get the look. Come on you know the one. Don't lie.
5. Launch into a detailed explanation about how this project is going to be much easier than the last one.
6. Explain that this project won't take nearly as long because we are going to do it DIFFERENT this time.
7. Lay out grandiose plan while persuading said husband that it really won't cost that much to repaint, redecorate, rip out walls, ect.
8. Take a giddy trip to the store to purchase all supplies, while telling husband that in the end the cost will be sooooo worth it!
9. Happily start new project, even make husband lunch to show how appreciative you are of his efforts, after all you are a good wife.
10. Run out of time, patience, money, desire to finish project.
11. Vow to never start another project that won't be finished
12. Start fantasizing about next project.

Apparently though there are some people out there that actually finish what they start. Surprising isn't it? The other day while going through my blog roll I found this post by Mary over at Filling the Quiver. What a fantastic room, so well thought out and accomplished. I am totally envious. And of course I am going to start a room just like it! Just as soon as I can talk the husband into it.

'til next time


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  1. That is an awesome room!!! I want if for myself...a huge art studio/craft children aloud...ha, in my dreams!!!