Monday, March 19, 2012

Our Sunday

This is what we spent all yesterday doing, taking lots and lots of picture, editing lots and lots or pictures, finding lots and lots of pictures, all in the attempt to find the best ones.....

I like this one of Bri and I 

Our house!

 Who let Brenna have the camera?

 Awkward picture of us looking at each other
 My eyes, where are my eyes?!
 I think maybe I passed out here for a minute.

 Isn't he cute?

 Just kidding

 I swear I have eyes!



 Getting there


 Where in the world did all these kids come from?

 Please shoot me now.


 As good as it gets....

 Ah....much heart.
Why does he get to stay cute for all these years?  

After the photos, we started writing and writing and writing. 

This all has to do with our new adoption plans....we are no longer paperchasing for China but heading in a new direction!  Any guesses!?

'til next time,

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