Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Amazing, Crazy, Weekend

We had a crazy and amazing weekend, although you can't tell it from the lack of pictures that I took, or maybe you can.  Yeah, let's say it that way, we were just too busy having fun to take pictures! 

First off we celebrated my Brenna's 16th birthday!  We had posters, we had friends, we had the Hunger Games movie and we even had a bit of a glow party!!  We had 9 girls sleeping in our basement Friday night!  And as far as this mom knows NO DRAMA!!

Saturday morning we all had to be up nice and early, Brenna had her first highschool soccer tournament of the season about an hour and a half away.  And Alainna had her first competition of the season.  Brian followed Brenna with the rest of the kids and spent the day watching Brenna play (they won 2 games and tied a 3rd, not a bad day!)  and headed out with Alainna to be a dance mom!  (She placed 1st place platinum with her jazz and fourth overall, 1st place gold with tap, 1st place gold with her modern production and fifth overall, 1 place platinum and 3rd overall with her jazz production, and 1st place platinum with her hip-hop production and 1st place overall!)

These are the only pictures I took of the whole comp.  and Brian didn't get any of the soccer tournament.  Shame on us!

It was a great weekend but very, very tiring!  I am still trying to catch up on my sleep!  

'til next time,

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