Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Drank the Kool-aid

Hmmmm......maybe that's not the best way to phrase it. The thing is when I decided to take on home-schooling it was a little late in the game, as in it was about 3 weeks until the start of the public school year, and I had to do a TON of research very fast!
It was quite crazy around here and I don't think that I even spoke to my family unless it related to curriculum choices! While I was doing my mad dash research the spelling program that kept coming up, over and over and over and over was the All About Spelling Program.

I confess that I gave it a quick look and thought that it would be too labor intensive (for me). I really just wanted a nice easy worksheet type curriculum for the kids. Easy!!

I found what I still believe is a good choice spelling for some kids (as in Ki). But it just wasn't working for my Lainie. Yes should could route memorize the words for the week but she wasn't really LEARNING if you know what I mean.

We needed something were we could start with the basics and really learn the sounds and the rules etc. And something with the option with moving on quickly once mastered.

I was back to researching and once again All About Spelling was EVERYWHERE. Finally, I grudgingly bought the program (grudgingly= whining and complaining the whole time I was putting in my credit card info).

The program came very quickly and really only took Bri and I about 30 min. while watching t.v. to get organized. And I have to say I am LOVING this program.

All About Spelling is super engaging, very user friendly, well written, well thought out and I am kinda kicking myself that I didn't just go for it before. Lainie is really going strong and I am confident that this will really help improve her spelling and over-all understanding of words.

So.......I drank the Kool-aid, and I liked it!

'til next time

Oh and for what it's worth, I was not compensated in ANY way for this post, unless you count the fact that I now need to go get blue Gatorade out of my carpet (note to self, don't ignore the 3 year old), because no one reads this blog at the moment!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Our Version

Sometimes because we have a larger than average family we have to adapt things to fit us. Even a $5 footlong @ Sub*way can be expensive if you multiply it by 8.

Yesterday Kieran came up with this idea that I thought was pretty genius and now we have our version.... which we have named Ki's Pizza Subs.

The ingredients:
12 hotdog buns
pizza sauce
mozzarella cheese
(Alainna added banana peppers to hers)

I pulled open the buns slathered on some pizza sauce, topped that with the salami and pepperoni and then some good old mozzarella. I stuck them in the oven @ 450 for 4 mins. and served them up with some cucumbers and carrots!

A big win all around!! The kids loved it and so did I, especially with our schedule, having something fun and easy to throw together on those crazy days will definitely come in handy!

'til next time

Monday, November 7, 2011


With the holidays just around the corner I am trying to start getting organized for all that I want to do this year. While I used to think that I was an organized person, 6 kids later, I am lucky if I remember my name at the end of the day, so this might be quite a stretch for me.
Here are some things that I want to get do this year especially because I have Kieran and Alainna home with me,

~make "brownie jars" as gifts for our friends and family
~make "bath salts jars" for friends and family
~homemade nametags for gifts
~teach the kids to address envelopes with Holiday cards (this one might be a little bit self serving, just saying)
~cookies (of course)
~make ornaments for our class tree (I sort of need to buy one of these still)

and a few dozen other things I have yet to come up with.

I have started my lists, and put together a folder to save all the ads and coupons that I am accumulating. I am counting down the minutes until Black Friday, yup I am one of those!

I know that at some point I will fail, my motivation will fall off, I will lose my folder, my computer will crash that holds everyone's wish list or my head will explode. But for right now, in my head I am going to ROCK this holiday season!

I did stumble across this site today, looks very cool, so I thought I would share. Organized Christmas. If everyone already knows all about this site, just let me have my moment and don't share!

They have lots of neat gift-in-a-jar ideas. And tons of other fun little tips, tricks and ideas.

Ummmmm........I should mention if you are someone I know reading this let's just forget about the brownies in the jar and the bath salts in a jar I was talking about earlier. No reason, I'm just sayin'.

'til next time

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


National Blog Posting Month is BACCKKKKKK!!!!! I am getting to this very late tonight, but I am planning on taking part this year again. Not sure if I am going to go with a theme or just wing it.

I know it's lame but I am counting this as my first post! With a bonus Halloween picture.

'til next time