Monday, November 7, 2011


With the holidays just around the corner I am trying to start getting organized for all that I want to do this year. While I used to think that I was an organized person, 6 kids later, I am lucky if I remember my name at the end of the day, so this might be quite a stretch for me.
Here are some things that I want to get do this year especially because I have Kieran and Alainna home with me,

~make "brownie jars" as gifts for our friends and family
~make "bath salts jars" for friends and family
~homemade nametags for gifts
~teach the kids to address envelopes with Holiday cards (this one might be a little bit self serving, just saying)
~cookies (of course)
~make ornaments for our class tree (I sort of need to buy one of these still)

and a few dozen other things I have yet to come up with.

I have started my lists, and put together a folder to save all the ads and coupons that I am accumulating. I am counting down the minutes until Black Friday, yup I am one of those!

I know that at some point I will fail, my motivation will fall off, I will lose my folder, my computer will crash that holds everyone's wish list or my head will explode. But for right now, in my head I am going to ROCK this holiday season!

I did stumble across this site today, looks very cool, so I thought I would share. Organized Christmas. If everyone already knows all about this site, just let me have my moment and don't share!

They have lots of neat gift-in-a-jar ideas. And tons of other fun little tips, tricks and ideas.

Ummmmm........I should mention if you are someone I know reading this let's just forget about the brownies in the jar and the bath salts in a jar I was talking about earlier. No reason, I'm just sayin'.

'til next time

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