Monday, September 5, 2011

Starting a New Chapter

Wow, it's been FOREVER since I blogged! I need to renew my commitment to this blog. It is a great way to chronicle what's going on around here. I just tend to get so caught up in everything that I don't make the time to write it all down. Time for that to change!

With a family of 8 there is always a lot going on, a lot of it is just the mundane running of life stuff but one big thing that is happening around here (starting tomorrow) is school starts. Things are staying the same for the older 2, they will be heading off to 8th grade (last year of Junior High) and 10th grade in the morning with all of their new school supplies, ready to see their friends and get on with another year of public school. But for Kieran, Alainna, Emersyn and Maximus we are going in a new and different direction.....this year they are staying home and we are going to homeschool. To say that Kieran and Alainna are excited is an understatement and I am also pretty excited and a bit nervous!

There is no huge major motivation behind our decision. It is something that we have tossed around for a couple of years and now just felt like the time to do it. I wish I had a bigger better reason to share but the truth is that we love our schools and the people in them and the kids were doing just fine there, so that's not it. Mostly we just felt like time was passing us by and we weren't getting that time with our kids we wanted.

We have invested a lot into making a "classroom" in our house (pictures soon) and trying to bring in the right curriculum. Oh and schedules are flying around like crazy! It got a little intense around here for a few weeks until I got some good advice on a Yahoo! group. :) Basically I was told it's not going to be perfect and that we will constantly have to figure out what works for our family and to not make myself crazy trying to get it "right" from the beginning! I decided to take that to heart and wow, it's really lowered my stress level!

Today we are just going to enjoy the last, cloudy rainy, day of summer vacation and then tomorrow....we start our new chapter.

'til next time

*Much harder to blog than I remember, hopefully if I keep it up it will flow a bit better!

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