Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What We Have Been Up To......

First we did this (above). One of the hardest things about our move has been WAY WAY WAY downsizing our laundry area. Like we went from a laundry mansion to a laundry box. Since we moved in we have had dirty laundry in one closet, and clean laundry pretty much all over. That was not taking me to my happy place. Not at all. So a couple of weeks ago Bri and I went to the Depot and spent a couple hours just staring at the storage solution stuff. Can you say quality time? Yeah that's how we do it! But with the space being so small non of the "conventional" units were going to work, so we got creative. We bought 3 of the "wood" shelves and then Bri cut them to the size we need and put brackets up for them. He also took down the shelf that was over head and moved it up higher. And last but not least we put in those 2 baskets for some additional storage. I kinda love it! It really works and makes it so so so much easier to get the laundry done. If I am honest though I still REALLY miss my family closet!

Also I picked up this new cork board to put in my kitchen. (below) After Brian put it up (Command Strips rock!) I thought it looked a little bit plain, so I pulled out the old scrap booking supplies (and by old I mean OLD, I am a scrapbook slacker). And found these little flowers and just pinned them on! Cute!

A few weeks ago I had the girls gather up all our pictures of OPK's (Other People's Kids) so that I could put them on this old giant cork board that I have. (below) I quickly came to 2 conclusions. 1. I need more pictures people! and 2. Old nasty giant cork board, still looks old and nasty when hung on a wall. So I gave Alainna and Griffen some paint brushes and had them paint it brown. I think I might add some ribbon to it but haven't gotten that far yet. But the brown looks much better! This hangs by our back door.

When we moved in about a year ago, we had a vanity war going on in our upstairs bathroom. Nothing fit, nothing looked good and as a special bonus, the builder didn't set the light fixture centered with the sink and faucet. 10 bonus points for that buddy! And let's face it I never go in there so we sort of forgot about it, until the piles or toothpaste in the "guest" bathroom started getting really gross. Apparently you must look at yourself in the mirror when you brush your teeth. So we bit the bullet and just grabbed Mr. Good Enough Mirror and a little storage shelf. WOW! That really helps, I can't really believe how much better it looks. Still don't go in there though.

Filled the girls cubby unit with cubbies. Let's face it, our stuff always looks better when it's hidden!

Put a little bookshelf in the playroom. LOVE my HUNGRY CATERPILLAR, don't judge.

Filled the fabulous IKEA shelf with cubbies, again hidden stuff=better!

And last we rearranged my bedroom. When we moved in we had the turned clockwise against the wall and the big tv mount had a t.v. on it. Lightning took care of the t.v. and we haven't replace it yet. The long chair was under the t.v. and it always felt kind of squished (real word?) I like it so much better this way!! Feels much more roomy! Now all I need is a computer desk (and maybe less computers, they are everywhere) and some decoration. Right, A LOT decoration. Interior decorator I am not!

We still have tons to do, but we are on our way!

'til next time


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