Monday, October 25, 2010

Jumping Back on the Merry Go Round

Oh be quiet, you knew this was coming, don't you think it would be more shocking if we said, "Hey we're done." And really meant it. Nah, that's not our style. So after much talking and questioning and carefully coming up with bitchy comebacks to the comments that we KNOW we are going to get, we have decided to take one more leap. Of course because we left big fat chunks of our hearts in Africa (emphasis Ethiopia) that is our country of choice. No decisions have been decided upon as far as age range but we will be going for either gender again.

Why are you telling us you ask? You see I had originally planned to spring this on everyone last minute and such, like "Ooooops, look what happened! Our immigration approval came in the mail today! How did that happen?" or maybe "Hey guess what I did last week? I jumped on an international flight to pick up the 9th member of our family!" But then Brian dropped this bombshell on me, wait for it.........I must have more than half of the money in the bank before I can even start. What the------? Man total killjoy. :(

That's where you come in (the whole 3 that read my blog anymore). I need your help. We created a Christmas Ornament/Wall Decoration out of polymer clay. Which is some really nice stuff to work with.

The ornaments are in the shape of Africa and are 3 1/2" inches tall strung on a bamboo cord topped off with beads to make them pretty. They are also sprayed with a glossy clear coat and can be personalized. We are selling them for $15.00 each and they will look fabulous on your Christmas tree or in your home.

There are also Medium sized Africa's (2" tall that we are selling as a set of 6) for $30.00.

Last but definitely not least we have a girl and boy figure sitting and holding Africa in their hands. These are $25.00 (each). And so fabulous!

Also for those that would like to help and order but not necessarily an Africa shape, coming very soon will be a nice ornament that can be personalized for your very soon! Just let me know if your are interested. Those will also be $15.00.

I need your help, please leave me a comment if you would like to order one and tell me the size and colors that you like. If you would like one in colors other than we show, please let me know and I will customize it for you. These are handmade and will all be unique!

And for my final plea, could you please repost this on your blog,or facebook site or twitter, smoke signal, the more who see this and order means the faster I can hit that magic number for family member #9!

Also shipping will be $3.00 for any variety ornaments up to 10 (then add $2.00).
The figurines are $4.00 and can be combined with ornaments for no extra charge.
Please add $2.00 each for extra figurines.

Example: 4 ornaments and a figurine would be $4.00 or
6 ornaments and 2 figurines would be $6.00 or
11 ornaments would be $5.00 or
11 ornaments and 1 figurines would be $6.00.

Love ya,


*everything can be found and purchased in my new etsy shop also just

~~~~Updated with pictures of the boy figure!~~~~~~

Please repost......order......spread the word.


  1. AWESOME!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I will be back after pay day to get some ornaments. I am so so happy for your family!!!

  2. These are so lovely! Wishing you the best as you start this journey...again. :)

  3. I have two girls from Ethiopia so I would LOVEEEEE 2 of the girls ones !!! Please let me know when those are for sale.

  4. I would love to buy a couple of the girls- 3. I would also like 3 ornaments of Africa- color doesn't matter. But could one have a heart where DR Congo would be (I have a friend adopting from there) and 2 with the heart over Ethiopia for our family. Thanks and congrats you courageous woman. jill my email is:

  5. Yay, this is so exciting Jillienne! I buy a few new ornaments every Christmas so I will order some soon! Congrats on your decision and can't wait to follow your progress! I think we are officially done, unfortunately, but you never know!