Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Welcome, Welcome

Did you find me?  Are you new?  Either way WELCOME!

I am very excited to start this new blog. Please bear with me while it's under construction.  Let's do a quick introduction.  I am Jillienne.  I have a passion for my family, reading, soap operas and Ethiopia.  I have been married for 13 years to my man, Brian.  And together we have 6 (yes 6) kids.  Four of whom were home grown and 2 that joined us from the fabulous country of Ethiopia!  I am going to try going with nicknames for the kids and see how it works out for me, here they are in age order

The Teenager (13)  
The Boy (11)
Drama (7)
Princess (5)
Miss E (17 months)
Mister Man (9 months)

If you followed me over from Chaos, thank you.  I love that blog and am sad to end it's journey but I feel like we are starting down a new path as a family of 8.  That's right, no plans to add anyone else any time soon!  So we move on to Mayhem!  

I am hoping to write more,  maybe add in some different things and give everything a new twist. I want to make things a little more real and hopefully interesting!  Life is messy, life with 6 kids and a husband can be crazy messy.  So sit back and enjoy the Mayhem.

'til next time


*hey, do me a favor, let me know your here


  1. Hi Jillienne! I'm looking forward to your new adventures!!

  2. You bet your britches I'm here! Way to give us all a scare thinking you were planning to drop off the face of the earth or something... glad to hear it's just a name & place-in-life kinda change! I'll probably be doing that at some point myself, after adoption #2. (Not for a couple more years!)


  3. Still here and looking forward to future posts!

  4. phew! I am here! and I'm sticking around :-)

  5. I found ya! As long as we can see pics of the kiddos I will stick around:)

  6. I was freaking out! well, ok it wasn't really that bad, but i was sad until i got to the part about the new blog. Can't wait to see where it takes us!

  7. I will admit I wasn't happy this morning when I thought you were falling off the face of the blog earth, but am so very glad to see I can still follow along with Mayhem. Thanks for continuing it!

  8. I'm here. Can't wait to hear how to turn a blog into a book.

  9. Hi Jillienne, I'm checking in too!

  10. Hey Jilliene
    I'm here too. Wondering if I will ever have a moment to update my own blog! Sure don't know how you do it. Anyway, I always enjoy following your adventures. We sort of bonded that evening in the visa line in Bole International! :0) Sisters in the sorority of exhausted, sleep deprived travlers! Gotta stay in touch!


  11. Jilliene,
    Just bookmarked the page!
    ~ Heather

  12. your cousins and brian's grandma are here!