Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mud Pie Fun

A couple of weeks ago Emersyn told me that she wanted to make mud pies.  Hmmmm, I thought to myself, sounds like fun.  So I set her and Maximus up with some cupcake pans, utensils and of course water and dirt.  They had a GREAT time and were so dirty!  GROSS.

But dirty is just fine, because I don't do baths, that joy falls squarely on their daddy's shoulders.  Don't get me wrong, I have been known to give a bath in desperate daddy hasn't been home in a week circumstances, but they usually include bathing suits, Jacuzzi tubs and older siblings. :)

By nature I am not a "player."  I am much better at setting the kids up with activities than getting down on the floor with them.  Realistically I just don't like the silly games,  or running around like a nut.  I don't love doing projects with my kids and I don't like playing Polly Pockets or Little People.  You will rarely find me coloring with them.  I will board games when they are old enough to play.  Just sayin'.

You know what I do like though, finding that one super fun idea that they will just go ga-ga over.  I don't care how messy or annoying it is.  Play-doh or finger paints, goop or rice.  Shaving cream with food color. Highlighters on the windows. Water play in the sink. And, of course, mud pies.  I don't even mind picking it up when they are done.  The 20-30 minutes of peace I get while they are occupied with something fun is worth the trade off to me.

Their father on the other hand is a whole different animal.  He finds giving baths relaxing, and you will NEVER find him breaking out ANY sort of messy toy or craft; I actually think the thought gives him hives.  He would much rather run play baseball with the kids or practice hip-hop moves in the living room.  Wrestling is also a much loved past time.  And even now as I write this he is out in the yard with the kids playing a loud and annoying game of Capture the Flag.

Me, I am going to finish this, post it, and then go inside to get the ice cream ready.  Give me a good mud pie any day.

'til next time,

*please disregard the fact that I have no lawn.  Lesson learned, don't buy a house in the dead of the winter without asking if there is grass under the snow.  

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