Wednesday, October 19, 2011


we are making laundry soap.....via the Duggar recipe. Let you all know how that works out. We have made laundry soap before but the recipe I had involved more measuring than the Duggar one does.

We are also doing our first painting in our Picasso series. Totally stolen from the Confessions of a Homeschooler blog. I would post pictures of that process but Ki annoyed me so bad with his stupid faces in my pictures that I told I was never taking another picture of him. You can go over to Confessions and see some cute pictures of better behaved children!

Dinner is in the crockpot. The lady over @ Crockpot365 says that I can make baked potatoes in my crockpot. I am choosing to believe her and we will be having a baked potato bar for dinner tonight. Except for Alainna and I, it's her long dance night, we will be eating out. I might have planned it that way, you know just in case the potatoes don't turn out!

And finally, yesterday I went to a resale store in my area and purchased, 3 shirts, 3 pairs of pajama pants, a pair of pajamas and a pair of mittens for Alainna, a Halloween costume and 3 shirts for Kieran, 2 shirts, a winter coat, mittens and snow boots for Maximus, 3 shirts, a winter coat and snow boots for Emersyn and a race car track toy for $67.00.

Then last night I bought Alainna a pair of Uggs on clearance for $50.00 @ another store near me. I may or may not have run in 10 minutes before the store closed after I found out about the boots being on clearance. with that what you will.

'til next time,

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