Sunday, July 26, 2009

Super Easy, Super Find

We have been trying to keep our eye out for one of these little slide/climber combos for Emersyn. She loves her some slide time.
I really didn't want to pay full price for one because I know how fast the kids grow out of these things and I have learned a thing or two in my many many many years of parenting toddlers and I know how long their attention spans last. I laugh at myself now for all the money that we wasted on things because it was "new and shiny".
We have even had the grandparents on the look-out for one. So much to my surprise we are driving home from the library on Friday and right across the street from my house our neighbors are having a garage sale and sitting in his front yard is this little beauty. I was a little bit shocked because the neighbors kids are grown and live Georgia. But I ran right over there and promptly offered half of what he was asking for it. LOL Turns out it wasn't his and he had to check and see if the owner wanted to part with it for what I offered. Of course he took it! This is a garage sale after all. I came home and checked and these slide/climbers retail for about $120.00. I grabbed it up for $20.00. I still think I might have over paid. Ooops, let me re-phrase, I still think Grandpa Tim might have over paid, since I promptly called him up and thanked him for buying Emmy a new toy for the bargain price of $20.00. Isn't he a good sport!?

'til next time

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  1. Great find! Stopping by from BlogHop!